Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Why Saddam should be executed?

A lot of hue and cry rise from all over the world upon the death sentence for Saddam. Here in Kerala the left and the right are competing to show off their protest. The comrade’s news channel even started a campaign to save the Great Hero!
The reason for Saddam’s death penalty is the Dujyle(?) massacre. 148 people were killed then. Every body acknowledges that this case is comparatively silly, when compared to other atrocities done by this great hero. Thousands of men and women were massacred during his regime. Then why this case? Because this case was comparatively easy to proceed and to prove and also will not unearth much of Americas sinister participations. So they hooked him with this. But do these anyway belittle the brutality of that incidence. Those 148 men were killed without any kind of trial. So, do all these protesters think the lives of common men in a country do not cost a thing?
Think of a situation. Our president or Prime Minister was attacked at some part of India. Next day Indian military sieves out the area and takes away every men and kill all of them without any trial alleging that they all participated in the conspiracy. Will you agree to that? Will you call that President a Great Hero or Savior of the Nation?
These protesters have gone blind with their sentiments against America. It can be hate, jealousy or any thing else. (I bet, 99.9% of these protesters will migrate to Bush’s rule if they could get a visa to US at any cost) But truth should be remembered always.
The fate of Saddam is the inevitable consequence of mindless brutality and arrogance of power. A similar fate will be in store for Bush too….

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