Tuesday, October 31, 2006

On Kerala’s 50 th Birthday
For my first friend here, some thing she has interest in.
At times I do a little bit experimentation in cooking. Actually every time I cook it’s an experiment. Rarely does it succeed and often it’s a catastrophe. But this recipe is something every body gave a node.

Dates pickle

Good quality dates deseeded and halved – 200 gm
Vinegar – enough to sock the dates
Pickle powder – 2 table spoons (ready made, I don’t know what all goes to it)
Green chilies, Garlic, ginger all chopped small- 100 gm (may be)
Oil – 50 ml
Salt to taste.
Take the dates in a glass bowl, pour in the vinegar and keep aside for some 2 hrs. Add pickle powder and salt, mix well and wait for another 15 mats. Microwave the whole thing in high for 4 mats. Heat oil, fry chilly, ginger, garlic and add to the initial make. Mix well. Best if consumed after at least 2 weeks.
My father observes that dates don’t get fungus. True, isn’t it? So no preservatives needed.

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