Sunday, August 26, 2012


I was pwned at Face book.

No one to blame, my fault.. just my fault.

Someone (not just someone, a crusader duo determined to salvage this country) was deliberating in the wise Tuco style, how there are two kinds of people in this world, Those with an organ and no brain called rape culturists, and those with a machete on their tongues to chop down the former - to the group they baptize themselves into. I poked my nose, totally unsolicited. My fault. But I try to clear my side in the weakest of my voice. Couldn’t they prevent these vagabonds from wandering in to their forbidden realm?. Are they not aware that Zuckerberg's crew have set options for that? Any way this duo were the friends of my two very sensible FB friends. That’s why I dared.

I am not a good fighter. I have innate handicaps. My parents were simple, straightforward and decent people and the only way they ever knew to bring up their children were those. So the S- word, F – word and the likes wont come handy with me. A serious handicap as long as you are arguing at a social forum! Moreover, I didn't believe squeezing calf muscles is good enough a cerebral exercise to be an authority on anything and everything. And also, I would have anticipated disaster where sheer stupidity weds (or even living in with) narcissism.

Now, enough is enough. I made a comment there, something like this.. (and I still hold on to that) “Rape is something males have to unlearn and not getting raped is something that females have to learn”. That stirred up the hornets nest. One of my co-commenter asks, what if someone like me breaches a girl, would she be held responsible for not closing the door? The Duo themselves ask, what if someone dear to me get raped, will I find reasons myself to justify the act? Did you get that? These are autopsies. Our idea is not, get raped and then argue over who is at fault. I don’t believe in that. I will never ever blame a raped girl for not closing her door, but if she had done that we will be left with less chances to feel sorry for her. And if any of my dear ones hang out with some known criminals and get raped, I will have to share a bit of blame on her too..

Now coming to some science. What you think why we are here? If you think we are created by that silver bearded man living in the clouds up there, read no further. You won't understand what am saying. Evolutionary biology believes, we and every living things here are just flow of genes. If you are a bit philosophical, can say something like this, our bodies are just vehicles for the genes. And the sole motto of these genes are to survive and propagate. So they will do anything to survive and propagate. Females, burdened with the responsibility of child bearing and upbringing have limitation with numbers. The number of times their genes can be propagated is limited. So females are more concerned with quality of reproduction, they want whatever small number their genes propagated, to survive. They pick their reproductive partner wisely. That’s why females don’t want to sex with every Tom, Dick and Harry.

But in contrary, males don’t need to be limited in numbers. (confused?, they don’t have to spend time on pregnancy.) The more they seed, the more they reproduce. Got it? So male's reproductive success is on numbers, they don’t care much on quality. They try to seed wherever they can. Here I again remind you, this is pure science and not moral science.

So, the idea distills to this, males go for quantity while females for quality. That’s why males run around seeding and even raping and females resisting. They are all in genes. That’s why I said: “ Rape is something males have to unlearn and not getting raped is something females have to learn”.

So now you think, why this S-head is so blunt? Me getting very emotional wont change a thing on genes written over millions of years of evolution.

Now you ask, if rape is written on genes, why not all men run around raping? I can explain. Raising an own family have a better trade off with running around for better reproductive success. In a world of fierce competition, that offered better safety. Rape was not a rare thing till recent past. The only difference was that it was not called so. Heard of rulers keeping hundreds of wives and thousands of concubines?Lesser number wives and concubines for men lower in hierarchy and no women for men lowest. These were glorified rapes. Did you know some kingdoms even had laws to punish women who denied sex to men belonging to upper class? These were all rapes. Then Zeitgeist had its say in reforming us all. So here we are.

But there are lot many out there less reformed. So is it wrong to take a little bit precaution to protect ourselves? Any sane mind wont disagree. So if your idea is to prevent rape, take your own precaution. It pays. If your idea is to argue on who is responsible, yell around. You will get noticed.


തിരുവല്ലഭൻ said...

I am commenting when RAPE is again on the centre stage (for some one reading afterwards - the gang rape of a girl on a moving bus at delhi brought the issue and the remedy back to every ones contemplation). You are very right about the idea of spreading genes, its common to all beings. But men, who hides under the thick veneer of civilization cannot explain away this heinous act. Its more about power than genes. Sex education, rather the lack of it can be an excuse, but not the urge of spreading own genes.

തിരുവല്ലഭൻ said...

I am coming back after reading most of your posts, going back to 2006, your initial post of blaming yourself for the reluctance in change.
Bowing down to you.
You should write more.

Hope we will meet some where

ബാബുരാജ് said...

ശ്രീ തിരുവല്ലഭൻ, താങ്കളുടെ നല്ല വാക്കുകൾക്കും പ്രോത്സാഹനത്തിനും നന്ദി. ഇനിയും ശ്രമിക്കാം.